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Avoca, it all starts with the yarn

Dicembre 13, 2016

Every July our family spends the month in Dublin, where the rugbyman has lot of rugbythings to do ūüôā and mom and kid take the chance to visit around and (sometimes) help him out.
On my second summer there, we had the privilege to live in a tiny flat in Monkstown, which is a tiny town facing Dublin gulf, full of tiny beautiful spots and shops.

My over-all favourite place has been the Avoca restaurant named Salt Café.
It is not actually only a restaurant, it is a restaurant-cafè-grocery-butcher-delicatessen: a gorgeous foodhall, a pure delight for the palate and the eyes.
I discovered it on my way back from a walk along the sea, pushing my little baby boy who was 3 months old then (travelling with a 3 months old would be another interesting topic for a post, I think).
I was just walking by when I started seeing those windows…
My first bought were some chocolate brownies which me and my rugbyman are still talking about, two years later.
Our¬†second, third, fourth… Well having such a place so handy made us become really addicted to it and so we tried almost everything and found it always super-yummy!



This beautiful place is run by Avoca, as well as many other spots around Dublin and Ireland, I discovered later reading their brochure.

So what is Avoca? It is an Irish family-run business that spans one of the world’s oldest surviving manufacturing companies and Ireland’s most exciting stores, foodhalls & caf√©s.
The Avoca Handweavers Mill was established in 1723: wow what a wonderful history!
Their famous woollen throws & blankets are exported around the world, as well as their homewares, accessories, fashion and lots of other Avoca ideas.

Avoca throws rugs, throws, blankets in natural fibres Рall pure new lambswool, mohair, cashmere, angora, even cotton and linen making homes beautiful, people stylish and life cosy right across the world.


They have opened up a number of¬†shops and restaurants/caf√®s and a gorgeous garden around town: they’ve already filled up my to do list for July 2017.

Visit their website www.avoca.com to discover more about this beautiful company.

Talk to you soon ūüôā


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