There are times in my life when every piece of the puzzle find its place and I clearly realize that everything I do following my inner voice is worth being made. One of the most important ones was when I decided to ring my now-husband after 20 years of silence, having had a short love-affair when we were just 20 years old. That phone call became a milestone in my life: we met, we revamped our love (who stayed there silent for all those years), we madly loved each other and we are now a beautiful family of three.

When I first signed up at the faboulous Makelight online photography Course, I surely was aware I wouldn’t have much time to follow the courses, and especially to practise photography, nevertheless I decided that I should do it anyway with no good reason in my mind, but just because of my inner voice, my instinct.

What is exciting me most about this Makelight subscription is the great community Emily and Stef are building around this project, the way they seem to taylor-make their projects to the demands of their public (post on Makelight will follow soon), and above all this, all the beautiful people I am meeting and having the chance to know: although they live on the other side of the world, I feel like they are my friends for ever.

Today I am proud to introduce you to Cynthia, which I met as a member of the Community and I feel will become one of my addiction in the next months… Well not Cynthia herself of course, but her beautiful project Oh Happy Girl!¬†ūüôā

Cynthia is a mom first of all I believe, but is also an artist, a Creative Director, an illustrator… a beautiful creative mind combined with¬†a big heart.

She worked in the corporate advertising world for over 12 years but needed to quit in order to take care of her family, especially in light of her son’s diagnosis of Autism.

She then started dreaming and creating art and developing this business in her head, so that she could be at home and take care of her family as well, with a more flexible schedule.

She has in no time set up a business from scratch (from sketch should I say!) where she aims to “spread happiness through beautiful and whimsical design”, to support her family, the community and people in need, especially autistic children as her son is.

Oh Happy Girl! The business of Happiness schermata-2016-12-07-alle-00-22-41 schermata-2016-12-07-alle-00-22-22

“My business is about bringing happiness through¬†artistic products by use of unique design combined with whimsical¬†illustrations. In addition, it is important to me that my company spread happiness to those with¬†disabilities. Therefore,¬†a percentage of the profits will go directly to creating art workshops for special needs children, especially those affected with autism just like my son”.

I love this idea, I love how she managed to match all the pieces of her puzzle, straight ahead to the point of being able to start her online shop in less than 6 months since she began thinking about it (you can read her full story here).

I feel like there’s lots of happiness¬†coming soon: if you wish to spread the love, please visit her website and sign-in for the newsletter, or follow Cynthia on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Cynthya Lupoff

A presto!


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Dicembre 8, 2016



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